Performance Lab Receives Top Industry Award from Clutch preview

PFLB Receives Top Industry Award from Clutch

PFLB was nominated to Clutch global awards and now we became one of clutch global leaders. Outsourcing your business to a BPO company has become the standard in today’s modern business practices. It’s a practical and competitive strategy for growing startups and a cost-efficient solution for companies looking to expand while saving time and money. Not only does outsourcing give you more focus on the core of your operations, but it also gives you access to globally-recognized talent that specializes in bringing you the best service possible.

Testing of Different SAP Modules

An introduction to SAP Testing

In today’s market, ERP plays an immense role in the success of medium and large aenterprises. All businesses rely on ERP software to carry out their daily operations and enhance business workflows.

Implementing these systems is not easy, especially if you are using SAP, one of the most advanced ERP solutions in the market. One must configure the different SAP modules to deliver the relevant features. So an implementation of any SAP module requires some kind of testing. In this article, we will discuss what SAP testing is and explain its importance

regression test

Top Regression Testing Tools

In an agile market, regression testing is critical for maintaining a high quality of software. The success of any software depends on how successful was regression testing. While functional tests are essential for ensuring the proper functionality of the software, regression testing slows us to ensure stability after every sprint at each stage. Regression testing […]

PFLB has achieved the rank of Top QA Partner

PFLB is proud to be listed a Top QA Partner by Clutch

At PFLB, we know that 2020 was a strenuous year for project completion for companies across the globe. That is why we are here to lend a helping hand as a high QA services company. For over a decade, we have been helping enterprise companies with their testing needs. With over 350 skilled in-house professionals, […]

bug reporting

How to Write a Comprehensive Bug Report

Writing a comprehensive and actionable bug report is an essential of test process management. Unless testers communicate all detected errors effectively and justify objections with data, developers may misunderstand what you meant or outright reject some of the reported bugs. When this happens, testers contend with developers and waste time arguing. Worse, if a reported […]