UI improvements and new SLAs#

User interface#

Cloud Enterprise

In this release, the first part of the interface changes came out.

The New Test, Running tests, All Tests, Projects and Trending pages have moved from the left column to the top menu so it is easier to find:


We moved importing data, adding parameters and default settings are in the left column so it is always visible and you don’t have to look for the + button:


In the Actions ⋮ menu, only enabling and disabling groups, deleting groups, and linking the project to a set of settings remained.

We’ve also updated the group editor. Transactions, requests, logical elements and import data are now available in the left column:


New SLA types#

Cloud Enterprise

We’ve added SLA for new scopes: Group and System Metrics.


The metrics that are already familiar to our users are available for groups:

  • Average response time. Average system response time to a group.

  • Error rate. Errors are calculated only when executing the group.

  • Percentile 95. The value which is greater than 95% of response time for the group.

  • Request per second. Number of requests sent per second.

Using SLA for system metrics, you can evaluate Average cpu usage and Average memory usage after testing.