User’s Guide#

PFLB Platform is a platform for load testing and performance testing. It lets teams of developers and QA perform scalable and continuous testing of websites, mobile apps, API, and software.

With PFLB Platform, you can:#

  • Test your website or app performance.

  • Identify the performance degradations early.

  • Plan capacity growth by the growth of the planned load.

  • Control the performance of every website version.

  • Optimize eCommerce.

About documentation#

The User’s Guide is aimed at software load testing engineers. After reading the documentation, you will know how to perform the following tasks:

  • Create tests manually and automatically from:

    • HAR and JMX files;

    • Insomnia and Postman libraries;

    • Google Analytics data.

  • Configure tests flexibly.

  • Choose a goal and number of users and run tests with needed parameters.

  • Analyze results of the tests.

To effectively use PFLB Platform, it’s recommended to become familiar with the work of the following services and software products:

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