Configure timers#

Timers allow you to set the delay time before sending a request by virtual users.


Timer settings from a settings set override timer settings from a test.

To add a timer, follow these steps:

  1. Open a test.

  2. Go to the group and click edit_button.

  3. Click edit_button for the required request and go to the Timers tab:

  4. Select the value from the drop-down list:

    • Constant. The delay before sending the request by Virtual Users. Specified in seconds.

    • Random. Before each attempt to send a request, PFLB Platform calculates a random delay time. Enter a range of numbers within which a random delay time is selected. Specified in seconds.


    For a gRPC request, change deadline, if needed. It is the maximum time clients will have to wait for an RPC to be completed. Specified in seconds.


The default timer is always displayed, even if it’s turned off.