Performance testing gRPC services#


Cloud Enterprise

gRPC is an open source framework for remote procedure calls. gRPC is used to build high-performance systems, high data loads, and develop real-time or streaming applications.

In this release we added support for gRPC unary calls to PFLB Platform.

Stay tuned for further gRPC support extensions.

Start testing your application with the gRPC:

  1. Import a PROTO file.

  2. Create a new test.

  3. Add a gRPC request to the new group, and configure it:

  4. Finally, save the test and run it.

Similar to testing REST APIs, you can monitor test execution using PFLB Platform and Grafana dashboard.

Grafana dashboards improvements#

We added summary tables to the dashboard for requests and transactions performed during testing:


JMeter functions#

We added support for standard and custom JMeter functions. Now you can use them in requests and logical elements.