Create and run a load test with PFLB Platform.

Sign in PFLB Platform#

  1. Open PFLB Platform and click Sign In. The page opens:

  2. Sign up or sign in PFLB Platform with password or Google. The start screen opens:


Add a group and HTTP-requests to the test#

  1. In the upper menu, click + New test. The New test page opens:

  2. Click + New thread group. A new group will appear:

  3. Go to the group or click edit_button. The editor opens:

  4. Use Drag & Drop to move the HTTP request element into the transaction.

  5. Expand the transaction and click edit_button:


    The dialog opens:

  6. Add the request URL. For example:

  7. Click Save. Уou have added the first request to your test:

  8. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Edit a load profile#

  1. Click Next. The Load profile tab opens:

  2. If needed, configure the load profile.

Run the test#

  1. Click Run test. The test will run after some time. The running test is displayed in the Test Runs page:

  2. Click Test Details and follow the testing in PFLB Platform. If needed, click Detailed stats to view the test metrics in Grafana:


Analyze results of testing#

After the test is completed, thе page has the following data: