Analyze results of testing#


For the analysis of test runs in PFLB Platform are available:

  • The comparison dashboard. Comparison of two test runs using tables and graphs in the Grafana dashboard. For more information, see Compare tests.

  • Trend report. A report is created based on the results of two or more test runs and allows you to analyze the trend of changes in the parameters of the testing system. The results are displayed in tables and graphs. For more information, see Create trend reports.

For more information on how to view all test runs, see View the performed tests.

View the performed tests#


To view the performed tests, open the Test runs page:


You can filter a list of the test runs by Test name, Test run status, Label, or User.

To filter the list of the test runs, follow these steps:

  1. Click on one of the drop-down lists, for example, Test run status:

  2. Select the values from the drop-down list.

Test run statuses#

The status is displayed for each test run:

  • Initialized. To run the test, statistics are collected, a profile and load script are created, resources are allocated.

  • Pending. The current test is queued. If there are no available resources, the test will run after some time.

  • Running. The test is running. Load generators are sending requests.

  • Finished. The test was successfully completed.

  • Failed. The test failed or aborted due to problems on load generators or script errors. The interrupted test runs with the status In Progress are counted in the test quota. For more information, see View subscription.

  • Canceled. The user canceled the test. The test runs with the status In Progress aborted by the user are counted in the test quota.

SLA fulfillment statuses#

The SLA fulfillment status is displayed for each test run:

  • SLA not set.

  • SLA fulfilled. The test results match SLA.

  • SLA failed. The test results don’t match SLA.

Compare test runs#


PFLB Platform allows you to compare the results of two test runs in one Grafana dashboard.

To compare test runs, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Test runs page.

  2. Select the checkboxes for the two test runs.

  3. Click Compare test runs. The Grafana dashboard opens:


For more information about the metrics of the comparison dashboard, see Metrics.