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Performance benchmarking

Our services help you evaluate performance test outcomes against agreed-upon performance metrics in your organization, based on various industry standards. Our aims are:

Mitigating the risks of software crashes and failures under heavy loads.
Uncovering the maximum potential of your application's performance.
Determining the precise hardware resources required to cut the costs.
Identifying and addressing performance-limiting bottlenecks.

Ask yourself

Is performance improvement significant for your innovative products?

Are you curious about the true capabilities of your system?
Are you confident that your critical hard- and software meets your technical requirements?
Are you interested in benchmarking your application's performance against competitors?

Get the answers

Finding answers to these questions will be much easier with the wide range of services we offer.

Database benchmarking

Whether you’re developing a new Database Management System (DBMS) or want to assess your existing system performance against the competitors’, with our range of technical tools you will be provided a thorough evaluation.

Our tests encompass varying data volumes for comprehensive insights.

Application benchmarking

Curious about how your application performance stacks up against competitors and what improvements are needed to outplay them?

We will provide a detailed assessment.

Hardware benchmarking

If you’re in the market for high-performance hardware, such as for video streaming, but are not sure which hardware to select, reach out to us.

We conduct rigorous testing to gauge equipment performance across metrics like CPU, RAM, network speed, energy efficiency under different workloads, and moreover, help you make informed decisions.

Learn more about the process

A streamlined process is the base for our success.

Preparation and analysis

We start by gaining a deep understanding of your objectives, including your comparative criteria and essential metrics.
This initial phase involves a brief demo, examination of your system architecture, and data analytics.

This foundational knowledge forms the basis for our testing methodology.

Test execution

With meticulously crafted scripts and mocks in place, we initiate the load testing process. Leveraging our state-of-the-art cloud-based testing infrastructure, we expedite this phase saving you valuable time.

Our toolkit comprises cutting-edge technical tools, including IOzone, HammerDB, Jammer, and PFLB.

Comprehensive report

Upon test completion, we furnish you with a detailed comparative report.

It features graphical representations of key performance metrics showcasing test results across various configurations for a comprehensive evaluation.
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See what we could achieve

Gain a competitive edge
Construct a robust, fault-tolerant system backed by empirical data rather than theoretical assumptions
Fintech Yaroslav Medox

I was highly satisfied with the service provided by PFLB. The bank’s number of users doubled after M&A, so our internet bank’s performance degraded. PFLB did an awesome job helping us find and resolve performance bottlenecks during a comprehensive load testing project.

Yaroslav Medox
CIO, Bank
Software Evgeny Nasonov

PFLB’s performance testing was instrumental in resolving all performance issues pre-launch. Their seamless collaboration, skilled team, and timely delivery are commendable.

Evgeny Nasonov
COO at Diffco US, Inc
Insurance Our client

PFLB conducted extensive load testing on our software, simulating high user loads to evaluate performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize the system’s responsiveness. Finally, they provided actionable recommendations to improve scalability and optimize resource utilization.

Our client
Insurance company
Healthcare Pankaj Mor

PFLB’s rapid load testing was a lifesaver on our tight launch deadline. Their expertise ensured our site could handle high sales seamlessly. Highly recommended!

Pankaj Mor
Tynor’s Chief Information Officer
Communication services Our client

PFLB’s load testing expertise played a critical role in uncovering performance limitations and bottlenecks in our educational platform project. Their meticulous approach and ability to adapt the testing methodology led to valuable insights, ensuring informed decisions for the project’s future development.

Our client
Communication services company
Media and telecom Our client

PFLB’s expertise in Wi-Fi load testing for in-flight entertainment systems proved invaluable. Their innovative approach and problem-solving skills led to the discovery of critical issues, ensuring passenger satisfaction and avoiding reputational harm.

Our client
Media company
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What else we could help with

Furthermore, we provide assistance with
various tasks beyond performance testing.
Whether you need help conducting performance analysis,
planning system capacity, or comparing your product’s performance with others, we are there for you.

Performance and load testing


Mitigate software risks under load, discover peak performance, optimize resource usage, and identify bottlenecks for enhanced performance.

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Capacity planning


Conquer business scaling challenges with high-performance. Minimize rollout risks, prevent slowdowns, and ensure smooth business operations, facilitating successful execution of plans.

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Test data management


Enhance business productivity through crafting, securing, and controlling datasets for efficient software testing. Ensure security, compatibility, and optimization in handling data.

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Performance analysis


Reduce crash risks, uncover peak performance, determine hardware needs, and identify bottlenecks for optimal performance.

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