PFLB Platform releases

Release version: 1-07
Creating test reports in PFLB
May 14, 2024

Report editor Cloud Enterprise We are excited to announce the release of the initial version of the report document editor! With this new feature, you can now easily generate reports for your tests directly within the PFLB. On the Reports page, you can create a new report, and view and edit existing reports: You […]

Release version: 1-06
Performance testing gRPC services
Dec 20, 2023

gRPC Cloud Enterprise gRPC is an open source framework for remote procedure calls. gRPC is used to build high-performance systems, high data loads, and develop real-time or streaming applications. In this release we added support for gRPC unary calls to PFLB Platform. Stay tuned for further gRPC support extensions. Start testing your application with the gRPC: Similar […]

Release version: 1-05
UI improvements and new SLAs
Oct 20, 2023

User interface Cloud Enterprise In this release, the first part of the interface changes came out. The New Test, Running tests, All Tests, Projects and Trending pages have moved from the left column to the top menu so it is easier to find: We moved importing data, adding parameters and default settings are in […]

Release version: 1-04
Platform tutorial, names of test project versions
Aug 8, 2023

Platform tutorial Cloud The first time you sign in PFLB Platform, the platform tutorial opens. The tutorial will introduce you to the main features and show you how to create and run a test. To view the tutorial again, click Names of test project versions Cloud Enterprise Set convenient names of the test project versions: Documentation […]

Release version: 1-03
Count of remaining tests and JMX import improvements
Jun 15, 2023

Convenient configuration of Assertions Cloud The number of remaining tests is now displayed in the user’s profile. The quota depends on the service package: JMX import improvements Cloud Import of JMX scripts now works more stable. When an import error occurs, the list of script plugins that are not supported in PFLB Platform is now displayed.

Release version: 1-02
Convenient configuration of Assertions and migration from InfluxDB to TimescaleDB
Apr 6, 2023

Convenient configuration of Assertions Cloud Enterprise For easy configuration of Assertions, use the response preview: Migration from InfluxDB to TimescaleDB Enterprise System and test object metrics and load station metrics are now stored in TimescaleDB. InfluxDB is no longer used in PFLB Platform.