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Count of remaining tests and JMX import improvements

Release version: 1-03
Jun 15, 2023

Convenient configuration of Assertions


The number of remaining tests is now displayed in the user’s profile. The quota depends on the service package:

  • Free. The number of remaining tests.
  • STANDARD. The number of remaining tests this month.
  • PRO. The number of remaining tests and VUser-minutes in this month. The number of VUser-minutes equals total working time of all virtual users during testing. 1 VUser-minute represents 1 virtual user that works for 1 minute.
release 1 03 service package

JMX import improvements


Import of JMX scripts now works more stable.

When an import error occurs, the list of script plugins that are not supported in PFLB Platform is now displayed.


Convenient configuration of Assertions and migration from InfluxDB to TimescaleDB