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Performance analysis

For over 15 years, we've been assisting companies in constructing high-performance websites, mobile applications, and enterprise systems.

Mitigating the risks of software crashes and failures under heavy loads.
Uncovering your application's peak performance capabilities.
Determining your hardware resource requirements for cost reduction.
Identifying performance-limiting bottlenecks.

Ask yourself

How happy are the system owners with its present performance?

Do performance failures or service denials occur in the depths of your information system?
Have you identified their root causes?
Do you have solutions to rectify these issues?

Get the answers

Performance analysis of information systems is one of our primary areas of expertise, and we keep developing in this domain.

Analyze your system's performance

We leverage our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology to assist you in solving your system issues.

Whether it involves analyzing your system’s performance during issue occurrences or conducting load testing when replicating the problem is challenging, we’re dedicated to pinpointing all performance concerns.

Identify bottlenecks

Our aim is to identify bottlenecks causing system issues and provide actionable recommendations for their resolution.

Learn more about the process

A well-organized process is fundamental for success.

Plan and prioritize

In the initial phase, we interview the technical team of your project to identify issues and their conditions.

Our aim is to evaluate if the problem is reproducible and gather details about your monitoring tools, system architecture, and business logic.

Reproduce the problem

  • The problem is reproducible: If the issue is easily reproducible and can be tracked, we access your product and analyze it with our monitoring tools.
  • The problem is not reproducible: If it can’t be replicated, we create a test environment and attempt to reproduce the issue under load.

Correlation analysis

Correlation analysis involves comparing important data and analyzing them using various monitoring tools. For instance, if we are aware that an issue arises at specific intervals, we investigate the events happening at various system levels during those stretches of time.

The primary objective of correlation analysis is to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

Investigate failures

In the next step, we provide you with comprehensive troubleshooting recommendations based on our analysis.
Alongside these, you’ll receive a detailed report summarizing our findings and insights.

Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge and guidance needed to resolve any performance issues and optimize your system for peak performance.
Build high-performance systems
Achieve peak performance, reduce costs: start your performance analysis journey with our experts now
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See what we could achieve

Prevent crashes and failures caused by performance issues
Ensure user satisfaction
Avoid hidden profit losses
Overcome software scalability limitations
Software Evgeny Nasonov

PFLB’s performance testing was instrumental in resolving all performance issues pre-launch. Their seamless collaboration, skilled team, and timely delivery are commendable.

Evgeny Nasonov
COO at Diffco US, Inc
Insurance Our client

PFLB conducted extensive load testing on our software, simulating high user loads to evaluate performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize the system’s responsiveness. Finally, they provided actionable recommendations to improve scalability and optimize resource utilization.

Our client
Insurance company
Healthcare Pankaj Mor

PFLB’s rapid load testing was a lifesaver on our tight launch deadline. Their expertise ensured our site could handle high sales seamlessly. Highly recommended!

Pankaj Mor
Tynor’s Chief Information Officer
Communication services Our client

PFLB’s load testing expertise played a critical role in uncovering performance limitations and bottlenecks in our educational platform project. Their meticulous approach and ability to adapt the testing methodology led to valuable insights, ensuring informed decisions for the project’s future development.

Our client
Communication services company
Media and telecom Our client

PFLB’s expertise in Wi-Fi load testing for in-flight entertainment systems proved invaluable. Their innovative approach and problem-solving skills led to the discovery of critical issues, ensuring passenger satisfaction and avoiding reputational harm.

Our client
Media company
IT Luc Richner

PFLB professional services are absolutely amazing! They really come through for us when we’re struggling with performance issues.

And it’s not just about testing – they go the extra mile to help us tune things up and save money on our cloud expenses.

Luc Richner
CEO, Cannavigia
10 min read
How Granularity Influences the Load Testing Results with Grafana+lnfluxDB & LoadRunner Analysis
Aug 24, 2020

PFLB has worked with load test analysis and test process consulting for many years. During that time we’ve tried many tools and technologies out. In the article, we are going to explain how different configurations for LoadRunner Analysis and Grafana+lndluxDB influence the results and account for data differences. When the operation intensity is high, around […]

5 min read
Creation of the Load Testing Profile
Jun 27, 2020

Load profile is a set of operations and their intensity, chosen in such a way, that together they create a load comparable to the production load. Load testing preparation is one of the most important steps in the load testing. An incorrect load profile generates testing results that are not related to the production. We […]

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Identify and resolve bottlenecks
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What else we could help with

Furthermore, we provide assistance with
various tasks beyond performance testing.
Whether you need help conducting performance analysis,
planning system capacity, or comparing your product’s performance with others, we are there for you.

Performance and load testing


Mitigate software risks under load, discover peak performance, optimize resource usage, and identify bottlenecks for enhanced performance.

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Performance benchmarking


Evaluate system efficiency under varied conditions. Measure response times, resource usage, and bottlenecks for optimal operation under peak loads.

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Test data management


Enhance business productivity through crafting, securing, and controlling datasets for efficient software testing. Ensure security, compatibility, and optimization in handling data.

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Capacity planning


Conquer business scaling challenges with high-performance. Minimize rollout risks, prevent slowdowns, and ensure smooth business operations, facilitating successful execution of plans.

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