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Black Friday

Black-Friday challenge

Black Friday offers a prime chance for online stores to earn substantial profits in a single day.
With a surge in user traffic and high expectations for lucrative offers, it’s crucial to provide a seamless experience to your customers.

To ensure your website can handle the increased load, we recommend simulating this scenario in advance through comprehensive performance testing on a dedicated test environment. By identifying and addressing potential bottlenecks beforehand, you can guarantee a smooth and successful Black Friday for your business.
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The numbers tell a story of their own

$65.3 bln
According to Salesforce Inc., the global Black Friday online sales in 2022 reached $65.3 billion
$46.2 bln
According to Salesforce Inc., Cyber Monday sales reaching $46.2 billion
Meeting load time expectations is crucial, as 30% expect under 1 second
Akamai’s report reveals that 50% of users get disappointed and switch to another site if a page has performance issues.

22% may never return if disappointed.
To prevent user dissatisfaction and revenue loss, it is crucial to ensure seamless performance.
Don’t miss the unparalleled opportunity to maximize profits.
Safeguard your reputation and maintain customer trust.
Stand out from competitors by attracting their customers with optimized performance.

Learn what our strategy is all about

During standard performance tests, the system is typically put under pressure for about an hour or two. However, on Black Friday, the system can experience continuous high load throughout the entire day.

Ensure a smooth user experience by simulating and conducting performance testing on a test environment in advance.

Follow the workflow

Our carefully structured workflow

  • 01

    Preparation and planning

    • Develop a load testing methodology, focusing on resource-intensive operations and SLA expectations.
  • 02

    Testing environment setup

    • Prepare test data and configure the testing infrastructure.
    • Create testing scripts and deploy emulators.
  • 03

    Performance testing and analysis

    • Execute performance tests and monitor the results.
    • Conduct correlation analysis, mapping resource usage and identifying problematic code fragments.
  • 04

    Optimization and reporting

    • Provide optimization recommendations, including alternative architectural solutions.
    • Generate a detailed report with optimization suggestions and perform follow-up testing after implementing changes.
Let us know about your needs
We can give you an access to the platform, we can provide multiple services, we can do all of it if the situation needs a far more complex approach.
Get a quote You’ll hear back from our tech account manager in one day if not sooner

Hire the best team possible

Meet our experts

Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to your project, offering comprehensive support at every stage. Each team member brings extensive experience and is carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of your request.




Product manager


Product manager

Specialists assigned to the project will include:

Senior performance testing engineer
Test designer
DevOps engineer (optional)
Project manager (optional)

Get a thorough report

Sample report

You will receive a comprehensive report summarizing all identified issues.
Each case of resource overconsumption will be detailed, including its business impact, the responsible component, and the specific code section involved. This allows you to pinpoint the operations consuming the most resources and identify the specific component and code section causing the issue.

Our work is considered complete when you receive information regarding the maximum number of users your store can handle and identify the bottleneck limiting its scalability.
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Pay any way convenient

Pricing for performance testing before Black Friday is customized for each unique system and determined on a project-by-project basis.
It will be based on factors such as the scope of functionality to be tested and emulated.

We provide flexible billing options, including fixed-price and time-and-material models, to accommodate your specific requirements.
Billing options we have
Fixed price
Let’s talk money. We’ll get you an offer after a 30-minutes consultation about your needs and expectations.
Get a quote Let’s talk money. We’ll get you an offer after a 30-minutes consultation about your needs and expectations.

See what we could achieve together

No more software limits to scaling your business
No hidden profit losses related to performance issues
No performance degradation with every new release
Fintech Yaroslav Medox

I was highly satisfied with the service provided by PFLB. The bank’s number of users doubled after M&A, so our internet bank’s performance degraded. PFLB did an awesome job helping us find and resolve performance bottlenecks during a comprehensive load testing project.

Yaroslav Medox
CIO, Bank
Software Evgeny Nasonov

PFLB’s performance testing was instrumental in resolving all performance issues pre-launch. Their seamless collaboration, skilled team, and timely delivery are commendable.

Evgeny Nasonov
COO at Diffco US, Inc
Insurance Our client

PFLB conducted extensive load testing on our software, simulating high user loads to evaluate performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize the system’s responsiveness. Finally, they provided actionable recommendations to improve scalability and optimize resource utilization.

Our client
Insurance company
Healthcare Pankaj Mor

PFLB’s rapid load testing was a lifesaver on our tight launch deadline. Their expertise ensured our site could handle high sales seamlessly. Highly recommended!

Pankaj Mor
Tynor’s Chief Information Officer
Communication services Our client

PFLB’s load testing expertise played a critical role in uncovering performance limitations and bottlenecks in our educational platform project. Their meticulous approach and ability to adapt the testing methodology led to valuable insights, ensuring informed decisions for the project’s future development.

Our client
Communication services company
Media and telecom Our client

PFLB’s expertise in Wi-Fi load testing for in-flight entertainment systems proved invaluable. Their innovative approach and problem-solving skills led to the discovery of critical issues, ensuring passenger satisfaction and avoiding reputational harm.

Our client
Media company
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Get ready for the
Black Friday
Let it be black for the consumers but not for the business.
Get a quote You’ll hear back from our tech account manager in one day if not sooner.

What else we could be helpful with

Beyond just optimizing cloud spending, we offer our expertise to help you achieve success in various areas. Whether you’re launching a new app, gearing up for a major sale, or planning a system migration, we’ll support you every step of the way to ensure your goals are realized and your system performance remains at its peak.

Application Go-Live


Maximize your launch success. Pre-release performance testing ensures your app or product update handles surges seamlessly, safeguarding your reputation and business continuity.

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Cloud cost optimization


Maximize ROI by optimizing code with PFLB's performance testing. Reduce redundancies, ensuring cost-effective cloud infrastructure.

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System migration


Smooth transitions with minimal failures. Simulate user behavior, analyze old systems, and ensure optimal performance during migration.

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Hardware sizing


Evaluate system performance against chosen hardware. Our tests guide recommendations for peak performance and cost-effectiveness.

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Software validation


Ensure top-notch performance for new software. Trust us for robust software validation processes that guarantee customer acceptance.

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