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Ensure your app can handle high download loads by testing its performance before release

When you publish your app on the App Store or Google Play, you anticipate attracting a large number of downloads.
However, are you certain that your system can handle this load and operate smoothly and efficiently?

Don’t take unnecessary risks – ensure your app can handle high loads by testing its performance before release. Conduct tests under controlled conditions to identify and address performance issues in advance.
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Stats don’t lie

Poor mobile application performance can result in negative user experiences, leading to low user engagement, increased uninstalls, and negative reviews.

This, in turn, can lead to reputational losses, decreased brand trust, and potentially lost revenue.
Studies have shown that a one-second delay in mobile app load time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions and an 11% decrease in page views, which directly impacts a company’s revenue.
Additionally, nearly half of all users expect mobile apps to load within two seconds or less, with many abandoning apps that do not meet this expectation.

When you might need it

At PFLB, we offer a wide range of mobile testing services, including:

Software validation

We offer performance testing services to ensure that your mobile application can handle the load when it goes live in the store.

Continuous performance testing

It’s important to establish a testing process for each new release of your application, even if it has been tested before release.
This ensures that any performance issues are detected and fixed before they affect the user experience.

Preparation for peak loads

We can help you prepare for peak loads that occur on sales days such as Black Friday, holidays, and advertising campaigns, to ensure that your application can handle the increased traffic without any issues.

What we could offer you

We provide comprehensive mobile app testing for both back-end and front-end aspects. Ensure your app runs smoothly across devices and under heavy loads. Investigate back-end performance for load testing and address front-end issues for optimal user experience.
We generate a load with a specific number of users to test the performance of your app’s back-end.
We offer mobile app profiling with a focus on hardware resources consumption and other performance metrics including time to first byte. Our approach encompasses both manual and automated processes, such as headless browser testing.
Want to know how your system compares to competitors? Let’s run comparison tests and improve your product.
If you’re not sure where to look, we’ll check both the back-end and front-end for bottlenecks and eliminate them.

Know more about the process

A clear process is a key to success.
  • 01

    Preparation and planning

    • Develop a load testing methodology with a focus on resource-intensive operations and SLA expectations.
    • Create testing scripts and third-party systems emulators.
  • 02

    Infrastructure setup

    • Prepare test data and configure the test infrastructure.
    • Set up resource usage monitoring.
  • 03

    Performance testing and analysis

    • Run performance tests and monitor the results.
    • Conduct correlation analysis, map resource usage, and identify code fragments causing issues.
  • 04

    Optimization and reporting

    • Recommend ways to optimize the system, including alternative architectural solutions.
    • Form a detailed report with optimization recommendations.
  • 05

    Next iteration testing

    • Conduct control testing after implementing changes.
Let us know about your needs
We can give you an access to the platform, we can provide multiple services, we can do all of it if the situation needs a far more complex approach.
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Get a thorough report

Sample report

You will receive a comprehensive report that summarizes all the issues we uncover, contains visualized metrics and recommendations on performance optimization.
Each case of resource overconsumption by the application will be detailed in terms of its business value, the responsible component, and the specific section of the system involved.

This way, you can identify which operation is using the most resources and pinpoint the component and code section responsible for the issue.
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The test project and infrastructure are configured in the PFLB cloud.
This enables you to rerun the tests and obtain a report for independent analysis of new releases of the application.
We will provide you with a report on the bottleneck analysis and recommendations for optimization.
If our objective was to implement in CI/CD, the outcome will be a tailored integration into the development pipeline.

Hire the best team possible

Meet our experts

A dedicated team of specialists is assigned to your project, providing comprehensive support at every stage of the work.

Each team member brings extensive experience and is carefully selected based on the specific requirements of your request.




Product manager


Product manager

Cooperation is a key for every successful project

To make it even more productive we expect some help from your side:

Access to the test environment.
Collaboration with your software engineers.
Participation of application developers in code optimization.
Information about any specific device you need to test and optimize.

Pay any way convenient

To ensure the best pricing for our mobile application testing service, we determine costs on a project-by-project basis due to the uniqueness of each system.

The cost of our service will generally depend on the amount of load profiles, functionality test types and devices that require testing and emulation.

Billing options we have:

Let’s talk money
We’ll get you an offer after a 30-minutes consultation about your needs and expectations.
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See what we could achieve together

No more software limits to scaling your business
No hidden profit losses related to performance issues
No performance degradation with every new release
Fintech Yaroslav Medox

I was highly satisfied with the service provided by PFLB. The bank’s number of users doubled after M&A, so our internet bank’s performance degraded. PFLB did an awesome job helping us find and resolve performance bottlenecks during a comprehensive load testing project.

Yaroslav Medox
CIO, Bank
Software Evgeny Nasonov

PFLB’s performance testing was instrumental in resolving all performance issues pre-launch. Their seamless collaboration, skilled team, and timely delivery are commendable.

Evgeny Nasonov
COO at Diffco US, Inc
Insurance Our client

PFLB conducted extensive load testing on our software, simulating high user loads to evaluate performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize the system’s responsiveness. Finally, they provided actionable recommendations to improve scalability and optimize resource utilization.

Our client
Insurance company
Healthcare Pankaj Mor

PFLB’s rapid load testing was a lifesaver on our tight launch deadline. Their expertise ensured our site could handle high sales seamlessly. Highly recommended!

Pankaj Mor
Tynor’s Chief Information Officer
Communication services Our client

PFLB’s load testing expertise played a critical role in uncovering performance limitations and bottlenecks in our educational platform project. Their meticulous approach and ability to adapt the testing methodology led to valuable insights, ensuring informed decisions for the project’s future development.

Our client
Communication services company
Media and telecom Our client

PFLB’s expertise in Wi-Fi load testing for in-flight entertainment systems proved invaluable. Their innovative approach and problem-solving skills led to the discovery of critical issues, ensuring passenger satisfaction and avoiding reputational harm.

Our client
Media company
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What else we could be helpful with

Apart from mobile application performance testing, we offer assistance with various systems, including call centers, banking infrastructure, and hardware optimization. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives effectively while ensuring optimal system performance.
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