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Hardware performance testing

Imagine investing in high-end disk racks with the expectation of a significant performance boost, only to see lackluster results. Wondering why this happens?

Hardware benchmarking holds the key to your questions. We’ll assist you in determining how well your equipment, including servers, data storage systems, network devices, and load balancers, can support your information system based on the workload.
Before committing to pricey hardware purchases, conducting these tests will provide a clear verdict on whether it’s a necessity or if your money is better spent elsewhere.).
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Stats don’t lie

Hardware upgrades or replacements are typically necessary in a minority of cases.
These situations may include hardware limitations, such as insufficient memory, outdated processors, or storage constraints that can’t be efficiently overcome through software adjustments.
In many cases, software optimization can address a significant portion of performance problems, estimated at around 70-80%.
These issues often involve inefficient code, poor database query performance, suboptimal configurations, or bottlenecks that can be resolved through software adjustments.

When you might need it

At PFLB, we provide a comprehensive suite of hardware testing services, including:

Hardware sizing

We evaluate the performance of specific hardware to ensure it meets the demands of your current tasks.

If there are bottlenecks, we identify and provide solutions, helping you make cost-effective choices.

Hardware usage optimization

Our experts assess hardware efficiency and investigate potential software-related issues, addressing and rectifying any identified problems.

Hardware validation

We validate your hardware’s capacity to manage the intended workload, ensuring it meets your operational requirements.

Synthetic testing

We conduct isolated tests on hardware components like disks, processors, and memory to verify their adherence to specified performance specifications.

What we could offer you

Hardware performance testing demands a thorough examination of your servers, data storage systems, network devices, and load balancers.
Whether you’re assessing the efficiency of your existing hardware or considering an investment in new components, our testing solutions deliver the insights you need.
We simulate varying loads to assess the hardware’s capabilities and ensure it functions optimally under different conditions.
Eager to gauge how your system aligns with stated specifications and your business objectives? We conduct performance tests to enhance your product.
Our synthetic tests provide a detailed evaluation of hardware components to ensure they meet performance standards and align with your operational requirements.
Our specialists focus on enhancing software performance to maximize your hardware’s efficiency. We analyze your system to identify and rectify potential software-related issues, ensuring optimal operation.

Know more about the process

A clear, well-defined process is the cornerstone of success.
  • 01

    Preparation and planning

    • Develop a load testing methodology with a focus on hardwire resource-intensive operations and SLA expectations.
    • Create testing scripts and configure specialized software for assessing hardware, including tools like iOzone and Iometer.
  • 02

    Infrastructure setup

    • Prepare test data and configure the test infrastructure.
    • Set up resource usage monitoring.
  • 03

    Performance testing and analysis

    • Run performance tests and monitor the results.
    • Conduct correlation analysis, resource usage, and identify code fragments causing issues.
  • 04

    Optimization and reporting

    • Provide optimization recommendations, including alternative architectural solutions.
    • Prepare a comprehensive report with optimization suggestions and perform validation tests following the implemented changes.
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Get a thorough report

Sample report

You will receive a comprehensive report that summarizes all the identified issues, complete with optimization recommendations.

We meticulously analyze each case of resource overconsumption on the hardware or software side, breaking it down in terms of its impact on your business, the responsible component, and the specific system section involved.
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We’ll provide you with all the testing tools for future use, allowing you to rerun tests and generate independent reports.
You’ll also receive a detailed report on bottleneck analysis, complete with optimization recommendations.

Hire the best team possible

Meet our experts

Your project will be handled by a dedicated team of specialists, offering comprehensive support throughout every project phase.

Each team member boasts significant experience and is handpicked to meet the specific needs of your request.




Product manager


Product manager

Cooperation is a key for every successful project.

To make it even more productive we expect some help from your side:

Access to the test environment.
Collaboration with your software engineers.
Information about any specific device you need to test and optimize.

Pay any way convenient

To ensure the most competitive pricing for our hardwire testing service, we tailor costs to each project due to the unique characteristics of every system.

Typically, the pricing will correlate with factors such as the number of load profiles, the types of functionality tests, and the devices requiring testing.

Billing options we have:

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See what we could achieve together

Eliminate software limitations on your business scalability.
Prevent concealed profit losses due to performance issues.
Maintain consistent performance with each new release.
Avoid the high costs associated with purchasing and installing hardware.
Fintech Yaroslav Medox

I was highly satisfied with the service provided by PFLB. The bank’s number of users doubled after M&A, so our internet bank’s performance degraded. PFLB did an awesome job helping us find and resolve performance bottlenecks during a comprehensive load testing project.

Yaroslav Medox
CIO, Bank
Software Evgeny Nasonov

PFLB’s performance testing was instrumental in resolving all performance issues pre-launch. Their seamless collaboration, skilled team, and timely delivery are commendable.

Evgeny Nasonov
COO at Diffco US, Inc
Insurance Our client

PFLB conducted extensive load testing on our software, simulating high user loads to evaluate performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize the system’s responsiveness. Finally, they provided actionable recommendations to improve scalability and optimize resource utilization.

Our client
Insurance company
Healthcare Pankaj Mor

PFLB’s rapid load testing was a lifesaver on our tight launch deadline. Their expertise ensured our site could handle high sales seamlessly. Highly recommended!

Pankaj Mor
Tynor’s Chief Information Officer
Communication services Our client

PFLB’s load testing expertise played a critical role in uncovering performance limitations and bottlenecks in our educational platform project. Their meticulous approach and ability to adapt the testing methodology led to valuable insights, ensuring informed decisions for the project’s future development.

Our client
Communication services company
Media and telecom Our client

PFLB’s expertise in Wi-Fi load testing for in-flight entertainment systems proved invaluable. Their innovative approach and problem-solving skills led to the discovery of critical issues, ensuring passenger satisfaction and avoiding reputational harm.

Our client
Media company
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What else we could be helpful with

In addition to mobile hardware performance testing, we provide support for a range of systems, such as call centers, banking infrastructure, and SAP optimization. Our aim is to assist you in achieving your objectives efficiently while ensuring optimal system performance.
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