Yuri Kovalov

Yuri Kovalov
Expertise: IT, SaaS, Performance/Load Testing, Core banking, Planning

Yuri Kovalov

PFLB Founder and CEO


A revolutionary performance-testing solution creator with 10+ of experience in IT and SaaS. Helps finance, technology, and healthcare companies scale their software and grow worldwide. Powers a strong team of testing engineers and consults businesses on request.


Yuri Kovalov is the founder and CEO of PFLB. A Stanford University graduate and an expert at SaaS, he has been boosting performance and load testing for over fifteen years. Always up to date with the latest market tendencies and pains, Yuri leads a company that lets businesses optimize testing-related processes and conduct them highly accurately.

With a deep knowledge of methodology and years of practice, Yuri has a personalized approach to each project and encourages testing on business and technical layers. Thus, he knows how companies can explore and enhance their software performance, reducing costs, boosting user experience, and increasing overall efficiency.

In his free time, Yuri acquires business knowledge from special literature. He also likes to travel.

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