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Tynor Prepared the New Website for High Sales in Four Days

Dec 12, 2022
4 min read
  • 4 days
    Only 4 days for an entire load testing project
  • 10k
    The website can serve more than 10,000 users a day
  • 30x
    Website performance increased by over 30 times
Tynor is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of orthopedics and fracture aids established in the 90s to deliver quality healthcare products.

Committed to a significant expansion in the following three years, Tynor had grown to 500 dealers across India and was expecting online sales to rocket. Therefore, they built a new e-commerce website focused on excellent customer experience to support their business growth. To gain more confidence about the launch, the engineering team of Tynor decided to run pre-go-live stress testing.

“We knew that the business expected us to support high sales. “But no one was completely sure that our new site was ready for it.

Moreover, our team lacks competence in load testing, and we had only a week left before the launch.”

Pankaj Mor, Tynor’s Chief Information Officer, learned about PFLB through his Google search and decided to get in touch.

“The tight deadline felt daunting, but I was relieved to hear that they provide a quick load testing solution.”

After examining the situation in detail, the PFLB team proposed a Quick Load Testing solution. It included a four-day load testing project carried out by PFLB together with Tynor’s in-house engineers using a powerful testing PFLB platform.

The solution provided test results and recommendations on what to improve to increase website performance. In addition, a month-long subscription to PFLB Platform included in the Quick Load Testing proposal allowed Tynor’s team to run more test iterations on their own when needed.

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Initial tests allowed us to identify the main issues:

  • Even with eight concurrent users, page load time exceeded 2 sec.
  • Considering the SLA, the maximum number of simultaneous users was at most 16.
  • Response time was growing almost linearly with the number of concurrent users.

Definitely, these results did not meet high standards of Tynor’s team, and performance of their new website needed to be significantly improved.

Response Time before and after Performance Optimization

response time before and after performance optimization

With PFLB’s help, Tynor engineers analyzed the behavior of the site under load and identified several bottlenecks at the database and network levels. Then, there were several more iterations of fixing issues and load testing. Finally, website performance was improved by more than a factor of 30:

  • The average page load time under load decreased to at most 2 sec.
  • The maximum number of simultaneously working users increased to 500
  • The website can serve more than 10,000 users a day

Thus, in quite a short time PFLB engineers helped Tynor discover all bottlenecks of the system and prepare the website for high sales. Quick Load Testing by PFLB is a specialized business solution which provides careful expert analysis and helps to address demanding tasks under tight deadlines. It allows the client to go quickly through the information about the site’s performance and supplies teams with a fully customized tool for further load testing of new releases.

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