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Integration Testing

Jun 13, 2024

Integration testing is a software testing technique focused on verifying the interactions and API interfaces between individual software components, units, or modules. This testing ensures that integrated components work together as expected.

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Module Testing

Jul 12, 2024

Module testing is a technique where individual components or modules of a system are tested in isolation from the rest of the system.

Backend Performance Testing of Mobile Application

Jul 12, 2024

Backend performance testing of mobile applications involves assessing the responsiveness, scalability, and reliability of the server-side components that support the app. This testing ensures that the backend infrastructure can efficiently handle the expected load of user interactions, data processing, and simultaneous requests from mobile devices. By conducting thorough performance tests, developers can identify and mitigate […]

Middleware & Application

Jul 12, 2024

Middleware is software that acts as an intermediary between different applications or systems, facilitating communication and data exchange. When testing middleware, it’s important to evaluate aspects such as speed, stability, and scalability to ensure it effectively supports the applications it connects.

Microservices Testing

Jul 12, 2024

Checking microservice architecture with small interconnected services includes testing each microservice individually and their interactions. Types of QA testing for microservices include unit testing, integration testing, contract testing, end-to-end testing, performance testing, load testing, security testing, and chaos testing.

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