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PFLB platform features

About the PFLB Platform

In this video you will learn about PFLB Platform features, including: how to create your own test project.

Play Video about PFLB performance testing platform screen

Нere you will see:

  • core components and entities of the Platform
  • how to work with requests (parameters, headers, extractors, assertions and timers)
  • how to use Google Analytics to automatically create a test based on analytics data

Load Profile Configuration

The demonstration covers:

  • Type
    Test type
  • Location
    Load location selection
  • SLA
    Setting up and verifying SLA (Service Level Agreement) types and scopes


  • Test run
  • Test progress monitoring
  • Standard and detailed performance metrics analysis (transactions, response times)


Additionally, the video shows how to create and customize trend reports with embedded graphs and tables for key performance indicator monitoring from one test to another.