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How Load Testing Helped Texans Survive Power Outages During a Storm

how pflb helped texans survive power outages during a storm preview
Jun 13, 2024

One of the largest electric distribution company in Texas that serves over 100,000 people, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. To maintain service quality during weather-related power outages, it must comply with the Texas Reliability Entity, which ensures energy providers’ reliability and security. To provide clients with reliable service, the company deployed Storm Center and the […]

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Tynor Prepared the New Website for High Sales in Four Days

tynor prepared the new website for high sales in four days preview
Dec 12, 2022

Tynor Orthotics is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of orthopedic and fracture aids established in the 90s to deliver quality healthcare products. Committed to a significant expansion in the next three years, Tynor crafted a new e-commerce website focused on excellent customer experience to support this growth. To be confident at launch, the engineering team of Tynor decided to run pre-go-live stress testing for the website. The tight deadline felt challenging, the customer was relieved to hear we provide a quick load testing solution. Quick Load Testing solution includes a four-day load testing project performed by engineers of PFLB and a 1-month subscription to the innovative load testing PFLB platform.

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Bank Increases Load Capacity by 450% to Deal with Business Growth

bank increases load capacity by 450 to deal with business growth preview
Oct 3, 2022

Our client's bank was absorbing other banks, and the number of individual clients was growing. The system was not ready for expansion or integration. The owners started to suspect bottlenecks when problems with paying salaries to corporate clients’ employees arose. As a result, in the next pay period, the load on the system increased dramatically, and the system got overloaded. People did not get their salaries in time, as the system crashed.

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Testing Major Meat Producer’s SAP Makes System 8 Times Faster

testing major meat producers sap makes system 8 times faster
Jun 2, 2022

Our client, a major nation-wide meat producer, was actively using local WMS and TMS. As a result, their 5,000 employees used to waste much time and effort storing and processing a lot of data in different systems. To increase the effectiveness of the document flow, the client decided to move all the processes to one SAP ERP system. Massive migration was about to happen, since enormous amounts of data from different legacy systems had to be centralized. The client had extremely high requirements for a performance tuning project contractor. They wanted to entrust the task only to a highly experienced team. The choice fell on PFLB, as the company has a proven track record of delivering SAP load testing projects for many corporate clients around the world.

11 min read

Performance Testing for Massive Bank Systems: Our Experience

performance testing for massive bank systems our experience preview
Nov 24, 2021

PFLB has recently started testing a large-scale banking system. It was extremely difficult to organize a well-established testing process, so we’re sharing our ideas for you not to reinvent the wheel.

9 min read

How to Load Test Siebel CRM

how to load test siebel crm preview
Sep 24, 2021

Oracle's Siebel CRM Technology provides the server framework to support Siebel Applications. It delivers comprehensive on-premise and on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Siebel CRM is specifically popular among banks and banking systems, since it has a lot of ready-made configurations that are convenient to use, i.e. Siebel CallCenter, Siebel Finance, Siebel Loyalty Management, etc. In this article, we share our thoughts on why you have to load test Siebel CRM and our life hacks on how to do it.

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SAP Load Testing for X5 Retail: Case Study

sap load testing for x5 retail case study preview
Jun 23, 2021

There are few companies in the IT systems quality assurance market that have expertise in SAP testing, but PFLB is one of the few that do. Over the years, our specialists accumulated experience in retail that came in handy when helping X5 Retail, a major food retail company worth $16 billion, to support their internal IT systems. We started with SAP platform deployment, established testing processes in the retail giant’s systems, and maintained contact for more than 10 years.

11 min read

Synthetic Testing in AWS: Challenges and Solutions

synthetic testing in aws challenges and solutions preview
May 21, 2021

A bare-metal server versus a cloud server: not a dilemma anymore. We have a great case on AWS cloud migration here!

10 min read

Performance Testing of Blue Prism Intelligent Robotic Process Automation for Banking

performance testing of blue prism intelligent robotic process preview
Apr 29, 2021

The client is the biggest bank in Europe, with 98 million individual clients, 2.7 million corporate clients, and 278,000 employees. Although they had been using Blue Prism RPA for a while, they decided to perform the first ever load/performance testing of their software, so it was all new to them. PFLB played the guiding part, making the client aware of all the details of load testing and running the service. After the project, the client’s business indicators increased notably, so they returned to us with another service request.

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How We Automated Performance Testing for an ATM Control System

how we automated performance testing for an atm control system
Mar 26, 2021

It is often impossible to provide high-quality performance testing for a complex system without automation. Today, we would like to share our experience of carrying out such a task for the largest government-owned bank, which has a chain of over 190 thousand ATMs. For our client, performance automation helped organize all systems in a strong and effective network.

10 min read

FIS Profile Banking System Load Testing

fis profile banking system load testing
Feb 2, 2021

Our client, a large state-owned bank, pays special attention to the stability of the FIS Profile system which serves more than 65 million customers, 55 million contracts, 9 million loan agreements, and 45 million cards. PFLB conducts banking application testing for each of the system releases. On average, a release contains about ten changes to the functionality of the system, each of which requires detailed elaboration and specific testing.

6 min read

Banking System Load Testing for Payroll Card Programs

banking system load testing for payroll card programs
Jan 28, 2021

Our client is one of the largest commercial banks, with European offices and state participation. The bank had a goal to minimize performance and resiliency risks in IT infrastructure and salary program systems, such as possible disruptions in payroll card services, payroll accounting delays, and system failures during registry processing. PFLB provided performance testing of payroll systems. The testing challenge was to understand the structure of component interaction given a variety of registry types and a large status model.

5 min read

Load Testing for Robotic Process Automation

load testing for robotic process automation
Aug 10, 2020

PFLB finished a truly interesting project for a big national bank, i.e. we've performed load testing for Robotic Process Automation, which is an automated system aimed to fully substitute any operational bank employee working on a PC. The idea was not for the robot to send hard-coded requests to somewhere, but to use the entry signals such as mouse and keyboard in the same way as an actual user does.

4 min read

Load Testing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV System

load testing for microsoft dynamics nav system preview
Jul 8, 2020

The customer received an initial evaluation on system runtime for different configurations. The discovered errors required DB table blocking, session terminations, etc. until eliminated. PFLB gained experience with the Microsoft proprietary solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics.

3 min read

Load Testing for Medical Corporation’s Automated System

load testing for medical corporations automated system preview
May 29, 2020

One of our biggest clients is a network of medical treatment and prevention facilities that holds the key player position in the domestic medical market. We found several important system limitations and internal element conflicts after the first testing iterations. After the system analysis, we developed recommendations on ways to solve those problems. The customer was required to solve them on their own, so that we could perform the testing again and solve the set task.

4 min read

Performance Testing of the Transaction Processing System

performance testing of the transaction processing system preview
May 15, 2020

Our client is a big commercial bank and a leader in the consumer credit market. Our customer decided to implement its own transaction processing. The findings presented by PFLB at the end of the project helped the bank decide to postpone deployment outfits in-house processing system by 3 months, during which time the bottleneck was fixed by a developer.

5 min read

How to Organize the Automation Process for the Document Editing Quality Control

how to organize the automation process for the document editing preview
Apr 30, 2020

A governmental fund, which registers physical bodies in the insurance system and issues the supporting documents, contacted us with ESB testing. The chosen project deployment variant is based on the DevOps Container Visualization method and is implemented using Docker. This solution allowed to achieve the automation instrument portability: the instrument can be deployed with one command even without the Internet connection.

4 min read

Demo Project on Monitoring System

demo project on monitoring system preview
Apr 14, 2020

Our client is a big American company, whose core business is in IT management tools. They offer numerous solutions, including monitoring systems, which monitor server storage volumes, disk usage and capacity metrics. The systems track key resources, and forecast when you will run out of capacity. In order to demonstrate the monitor systems' opportunities, the client needed a test infrastructure to fully and tangibly show the monitoring systems' potential. To solve this task, the client contacted PFLB.

6 min read

Load Testing SAP Systems for Retail Company

load testing sap systems for retail company preview
Mar 3, 2020

Our customer is one of the largest retail chains selling electronics and household appliances. The company implemented a full-fledged omnichannel approach to sales, which means a unified product assortment, prices, and services, whether buying in stores or online. The stores share format and conceptual design. In addition to an effective retail format and a store concept that is customer-oriented, the company also offers high-quality customer service. PFLB was hired to test an integrated set of SAP systems, particularly with respect to system performance.