10 Ways to Optimize Cloud Costs

10 Ways to Optimize Cloud Costs

Cloud services can reduce the company’s IT budget significantly by replacing the burden of infrastructure capital costs with flexible subscription-model usage rates.
In their turn, these costs can be optimized, too. Here are some practical tips on how to take control over bills from AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and other cloud services.

How to Scale Your SaaS or aPaaS Business Effectively

How to Scale Your SaaS or aPaaS Business Effectively

Cloud-based solutions are getting more and more popular every year, and revenue in the public cloud market is projected to reach US$525.60bn in 2023. More than half of this market is represented by SaaS and aPaaS businesses, and the demand is increasing every year. We have seen such businesses as Slack or Zoom expand recently, but others will eventually have to do so, too. In this blogpost, we want to share our vision of what is primarily important when scaling your SaaS or aPaaS business.

How to test with postman

Performance Testing with Postman: Is It Worth It?

Postman is a quite popular tool used to check the work of API and run functional and integration tests easily. However, many developers also use Postman for performance testing. Some use it to measure the response time, while others write scripts to simulate the load.
In this blog post, we will share our opinion of the foundations of these methods and discuss if they are worth your time.

Tynor load tests the new website to prepare for high sales

Tynor Prepared the New Website for High Sales in Four Days

Tynor Orthotics is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of orthopedic and fracture aids established in the 90s to deliver quality healthcare products.

Committed to a significant expansion in the next three years, Tynor crafted a new e-commerce website focused on excellent customer experience to support this growth. To be confident at launch, the engineering team of Tynor decided to run pre-go-live stress testing for the website.

The tight deadline felt challenging, the customer was relieved to hear we provide a quick load testing solution.

Quick Load Testing solution includes a four-day load testing project performed by engineers of PFLB and a 1-month subscription to the innovative load testing PFLB platform.

Android vs ios performance testing preview

Android vs iOS App Performance Testing: What’s the Difference?

In broad-brush terms, there is only one scenario for mobile app performance testing, no matter what the OS is. You choose the tool, start an emulator or a device, connect it to the network, and configure your proxy server. In this post, we are sharing the list of such differences between Android and iOS app performance testing, as we do not want anyone to make these kinds of surprising discoveries when in the middle of the testing process.