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Top 11 Best Load Testing Tools 2024

Effective testing is all about choosing the best load testing tool, which is just right for you. Top performance testing tools help simulate virtual users and execute test scripts. As the software market is full of various options ranging from open-source to premium, it’s difficult to find the best load testing tool for your business. In this article, we will share our list of top software load testing tools and take a closer look at their pros and cons.

How to test with postman

Performance Testing with Postman: Is It Worth It?

Postman is a quite popular tool used to check the work of API and run functional and integration tests easily. However, many developers also use Postman for performance testing. Some use it to measure the response time, while others write scripts to simulate the load.
In this blog post, we will share our opinion of the foundations of these methods and discuss if they are worth your time.

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Android vs iOS App Performance Testing: What’s the Difference?

In broad-brush terms, there is only one scenario for mobile app performance testing, no matter what the OS is. You choose the tool, start an emulator or a device, connect it to the network, and configure your proxy server. In this post, we are sharing the list of such differences between Android and iOS app performance testing, as we do not want anyone to make these kinds of surprising discoveries when in the middle of the testing process.

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How to Save Money on Performance Testing?

One of the main reasons is a widespread misbelief that testing your system is rather expensive. In some cases it is not cheap, indeed, say, when you want to test a complex system in a short time before release. But such situations are rather an exception than a rule: much more often, system performance testing requires a very moderate budget, while offering an opportunity to save money! How? Read further, and find out!

Ten Steps to Great Mobile App Performance Testing Using JMeter

Ten Steps to Great Mobile App Performance Testing Using JMeter

Nowadays, almost every company has its own mobile app which provides millions of customers with products and services for all kinds of requests. Just think of it: every day, developers upload thousands of new applications to Google Play and App Store. In this blog post, we will take a step-by-step look at how to write a load script for a mobile application and run a test by generating HTTP/HTTPS traffic on the app server using JMeter.

Performance and Load Testing using Locust

Performance and Load Testing using Locust

If you would like to write user scenarios in plain-old Python using a distributed and scalable tool with a Web-based UI, this article is just for you. Low threshold makes Locust attractive for junior testing engineers, whilst many senior specialists turn to Locust, too, when they get tired of Apache JMeter.

Whether you are junior or senior, if you’ve ever wondered how to use Locust for load testing, we are sure you will enjoy this intro, as seamless as it is. After reading it, you will be able to start your load tests in Locust right away.

Mobile App Performance Testing preview

Mobile App Performance Testing: Where to Start?

Have you noticed that your app often crashes or users uninstall it soon after the initial download? With high probability, the reason is the performance of your application in various networks and under different loads. To be sure about that, check it under critical conditions by testing your app’s performance.

Mobile app testing is often even more challenging and tedious than that of PC software. A large variety of devices, increased mobility of users, the use of device-specific features — all of this can seem confusing. In this post, you’ll find out more about what it means to performance test mobile apps, as well as get some tips and hacks that help do it.