how do businesses benefit from frontend performance testing preview

How Do Businesses Benefit from Frontend Performance Testing?

Crucial bottlenecks are usually backend-related. That’s  why backend performance testing is generally regarded as a must. However, only 1% of companies perform frontend performance testing. They don’t consider that to achieve the best business results, one should combine the two types.  Let’s prove it. We will define their differences, emphasize the importance of conducting backend […]

performance testing roles and responsibilities in a nutshell

Roles and Responsibilities of Performance Tester

The core of efficient performance testing is an experienced, certified and well-structured team of professionals, who have already worked in similar projects and learned all the peculiarities of QA testing types and protocols.  If consciously chosen, they can evaluate a product, test its behavior under load, check its response time, etc., and thus, empower it. […]

tips for efficient web application performance testing

Tips for Efficient Web Application Performance Testing

Performance testing is one of the most challenging components of web application testing. But it is worth it: if done right, performance testing can forecast product behavior and its response to user’s actions with an impressive amount of detail and precision. Irrelevant web performance test data or wrong metrics chosen during testing cost companies a lot of money and effort, while not monitoring your web application performance at all can lead directly to a crash, say, on Black Friday, if you are not prepared to handle an increased number of concurrent users.

Business or product owners needn’t know exactly how to performance test a website, but it’s useful to have a basic understanding of procedures that you pay for. From this post, you can learn what web application performance testing is, when it should be done, and how. Then, you will be able to make an informed choice whether to hire testing specialists or run testing sessions on your own.

best load testing tools preview

Top 11 Best Load Testing Tools 2024

Effective testing is all about choosing the best load testing tool, which is just right for you. Top performance testing tools help simulate virtual users and execute test scripts. As the software market is full of various options ranging from open-source to premium, it’s difficult to find the best load testing tool for your business. In this article, we will share our list of top software load testing tools and take a closer look at their pros and cons.

top current trends

Top 10 Current Trends in Software Testing for 2024

Software testing has swiftly evolved as industries began to understand the critical importance of usability, security, and seamless functionality in winning customers and generating leads. The market’s adoption of innovative automation tools has rendered the testing process more economical, quicker, and widely available. The upcoming trends in software testing suggest a move towards enhanced flexibility […]

performance testing with postman is it worth it

Performance Testing with Postman: Is It Worth It?

Postman is a quite popular tool used to check the work of API and run functional and integration tests easily. However, many developers also use Postman for performance testing. Some use it to measure the response time, while others write scripts to simulate the load.
In this blog post, we will share our opinion of the foundations of these methods and discuss if they are worth your time.

android vs ios app performance testing whats the difference

Android vs iOS App Performance Testing: What’s the Difference?

In broad-brush terms, there is only one scenario for mobile app performance testing, no matter what the OS is. You choose the tool, start an emulator or a device, connect it to the network, and configure your proxy server. In this post, we are sharing the list of such differences between Android and iOS app performance testing, as we do not want anyone to make these kinds of surprising discoveries when in the middle of the testing process.