android vs ios app performance testing whats the difference

Android vs iOS App Performance Testing: What’s the Difference?

In broad-brush terms, there is only one scenario for mobile app performance testing, no matter what the OS is. You choose the tool, start an emulator or a device, connect it to the network, and configure your proxy server. In this post, we are sharing the list of such differences between Android and iOS app performance testing, as we do not want anyone to make these kinds of surprising discoveries when in the middle of the testing process.

how to save money on performance testing

How to Save Money on Performance Testing?

One of the main reasons is a widespread misbelief that testing your system is rather expensive. In some cases it is not cheap, indeed, say, when you want to test a complex system in a short time before release. But such situations are rather an exception than a rule: much more often, system performance testing requires a very moderate budget, while offering an opportunity to save money! How? Read further, and find out!

cloud based application testing features types

Cloud-based Application Testing: Features & Types

Gone are the days that cloud computing was considered a technological breakthrough. In recent years, cloud computing has managed to become a promising option by organizations to not only reduce costs but also to position their services and offerings competitively. Cloud computing has completely transformed how day-to-day business operations are conducted, like how technology is […]