Tynor load tests the new website to prepare for high sales case study preview

Tynor Tests New Website And Increases Performance By 30

Tynor Orthotics is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of orthopedic and fracture aids established in the 90s to deliver quality healthcare products.

Committed to a significant expansion in the next three years, Tynor crafted a new e-commerce website focused on excellent customer experience to support this growth. To be confident at launch, the engineering team of Tynor decided to run pre-go-live stress testing for the website.

The tight deadline felt challenging, the customer was relieved to hear we provide a quick load testing solution.

Quick Load Testing solution includes a four-day load testing project performed by engineers of PFLB and a 1-month subscription to the innovative load testing platform, boomq.io.

Android vs ios performance testing preview

Android vs iOS App Performance Testing: What’s the Difference?

In broad-brush terms, there is only one scenario for mobile app performance testing, no matter what the OS is. You choose the tool, start an emulator or a device, connect it to the network, and configure your proxy server. In one of our previous blog posts, we shared an algorithm on how to start mobile app performance testing using JMeter.

However, when it comes to practice, it turns out there are more differences than it seems at first glance. In this post, we are sharing the list of such differences between Android and iOS app performance testing, as we do not want anyone to make these kinds of surprising discoveries when in the middle of the testing process.

How to save money on performance testing preview

How to save money on performance testing?

Nobody wants to lose face when launching their website or app, or lose profits because of slowdowns in peak hours, right? Still, many companies keep putting off testing their systems, or don’t test them whatsoever. But why?

One of the main reasons is a widespread misbelief that testing your system is rather expensive. In some cases it is not cheap, indeed, say, when you want to test a complex system in a short time before release. But such situations are rather an exception than a rule: much more often, system performance testing requires a very moderate budget, while offering an opportunity to save money! How? Read further, and find out!

Ten Steps to Great Mobile App Performance Testing Using JMeter

Ten Steps to Great Mobile App Performance Testing Using JMeter

Nowadays, almost every company has its own mobile app which provides millions of customers with products and services for all kinds of requests. Just think of it: every day, developers upload thousands of new applications to Google Play and App Store. To engage and retain users, you should not only have brand new ideas, a great code and design, but also be sure of high system performance.

In this blog post, we will take a step-by-step look at how to write a load script for a mobile application and run a test by generating HTTP/HTTPS traffic on the app server using JMeter.

Performance and Load Testing using Locust

Performance and Load Testing using Locust

If you would like to write user scenarios in plain-old Python using a distributed and scalable tool with a Web-based UI, this article is just for you. Low threshold makes Locust attractive for junior testing engineers, whilst many senior specialists turn to Locust, too, when they get tired of Apache JMeter.

Whether you are junior or senior, if you’ve ever wondered how to use Locust for load testing, we are sure you will enjoy this intro, as seamless as it is. After reading it, you will be able to start your load tests in Locust right away.

Bank Increases Load Capacity by 450% to Deal with Business Growth

Our client’s bank was absorbing other banks, and the number of individual clients was growing. The system was not ready for expansion or integration. The owners started to suspect bottlenecks when problems with paying salaries to corporate clients’ employees arose. As a result, in the next pay period, the load on the system increased dramatically, and the system got overloaded. People did not get their salaries in time, as the system crashed.

Testing Major Meat Producers SAP

Testing Major Meat Producer’s SAP Makes System 8 Times Faster

Our client, a major nation-wide meat producer, was actively using local WMS and TMS. As a result, their 5,000 employees used to waste much time and effort storing and processing a lot of data in different systems.

To increase the effectiveness of the document flow, the client decided to move all the processes to one SAP ERP system. Massive migration was about to happen, since enormous amounts of data from different legacy systems had to be centralized.

The client had extremely high requirements for a performance tuning project contractor. They wanted to entrust the task only to a highly experienced team.

The choice fell on PFLB, as the company has a proven track record of delivering SAP load testing projects for many corporate clients around the world.

How to Improve Android app Performance measure preview

Android apps performance and load testing: tips and tricks

There are about 3.5 mln apps in Google Play Store. Users have options, and you need them to choose your app. To avoid the nightmare of every product owner, namely, the situation in which the user uninstalls your app for Android OS, performance testing is crucial. It should be started when designing the application, continued when writing the code, and ran before every new release. Some of the ways to do performance testing of Android apps are built in the OS, while others are available on the web. In this article, we list both types for your developers to be able to test the app every now and then.