types of testing for mobile applications

Types of Mobile Testing: How to Choose Right for Your App

Mobile testing helps mobile app developers maximize the performance of these applications. With that said, mobile testing is not a one step-operation, but rather a procedure of iterative steps that tailor the application according to user requirements.
In this article, we will discuss multiple types of mobile testing and discuss the goals and benefits of each given testing procedure.

Automated vs Manual Mobile App Testing preview

Automated vs Manual Mobile App Testing: Do You Need Both?

Software testing is a crucial part in creating a successful project. By assessing every facet of the product, a developer will know if the code meets business requirements. It’s through the testing that companies increase user tolerance and improve the performance of their apps.
Having said that, testing is only as beneficial as it is efficient. There are two main approaches to testing – manual or automated. Both are critiqued and advocated all over the web, so choosing the one to fit your project is not an easy task. In this post, we’ll give you a brief rundown on the difference between them, their respective pros and cons, and the ways developers can take advantage of both.

when to use automation testing

The Role of Automation Software Testing in Software Development

All software teams test their products, yet the ultimate solutions often have defects. Although most test engineers try to detect these problems in the testing environment, they often make their way into the final product despite our best efforts.  One of the reasons this happens is that even the best manual testing processes have their […]

best time to start test automation

When is the Best Time to Start Test Automation

Testing is critical to the quality of software and ensures that errors don’t seep into the final product. However, the amount of software testing needed in projects is simply too much for testing teams unless they partially use test automation. Quality Assurance teams use Test Automation to run detailed, repetitive, and data-intensive without any manual […]

Using a REST request emulator in a real-life project

A large governmental enterprise that processes a huge amount of various documents has recently approached us. We had to organize the autonomous testing process of key subsystems, which comprise the automated information system. Moreover, we couldn’t use an out-of-box solution (client’s specification), so we had to develop a custom tool that would satisfy the client’s requirements.

Automated UI Testing

Automated Ui Testing Our client is a social dating app with worldwide recognition and presence in over 100 countries.Being very successful social media application with millions of subscribers and over a billion swipes per day, client’s engineering team was and still is challenged to release regular software updates across Android, iOS, and Web platform on…

automated unit testing

Automated Regression Testing: Definition & Examples

Many development and testing teams tend to misrepresent or underestimate the time and effort regression testing will take. Most often, it’s confused with retesting, when in fact there’s more to it than checking the performance of just one chunk of code.  If done right, regression testing gives developers the ability to ensure that the entire […]

test automation strategy

Automated Testing Strategy: How to Build & Examples

Automation is a crucial part of all modern development processes. Be it Waterfall, Agile, or any other methodology used, they all play a part in continuous development, integration, testing, and more. For developers, this means 10, 20, 50 releases per year. Pushing out so many updates and builds with no automation would be a pain […]

Automated GUI Testing

Automated GUI Testing: How to Get it Right

The user interface is crucial when it comes to creating a reliable website or application. In order to ensure all the elements of the front-end work as expected and are displayed equally well for users across all devices and browsers, development teams conduct GUI (graphical user interface) testing sprints. There are dozens of factors to […]