bank increases load capacity by 450 to deal with business growth preview

Bank Increases Load Capacity by 450% to Deal with Business Growth

Our client’s bank was absorbing other banks, and the number of individual clients was growing. The system was not ready for expansion or integration. The owners started to suspect bottlenecks when problems with paying salaries to corporate clients’ employees arose. As a result, in the next pay period, the load on the system increased dramatically, and the system got overloaded. People did not get their salaries in time, as the system crashed.

how to load test siebel crm preview

How to Load Test Siebel CRM

Oracle’s Siebel CRM Technology provides the server framework to support Siebel Applications. It delivers comprehensive on-premise and on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Siebel CRM is specifically popular among banks and banking systems, since it has a lot of ready-made configurations that are convenient to use, i.e. Siebel CallCenter, Siebel Finance, Siebel Loyalty Management, etc. In this article, we share our thoughts on why you have to load test Siebel CRM and our life hacks on how to do it.

performance testing of blue prism intelligent robotic process preview

Performance Testing of Blue Prism Intelligent Robotic Process Automation for Banking

The client is the biggest bank in Europe, with 98 million individual clients, 2.7 million corporate clients, and 278,000 employees. Although they had been using Blue Prism RPA for a while, they decided to perform the first ever load/performance testing of their software, so it was all new to them. PFLB played the guiding part, making the client aware of all the details of load testing and running the service. After the project, the client’s business indicators increased notably, so they returned to us with another service request.

fis profile banking system load testing

FIS Profile Banking System Load Testing

Our client, a large state-owned bank, pays special attention to the stability of the FIS Profile system which serves more than 65 million customers, 55 million contracts, 9 million loan agreements, and 45 million cards. PFLB conducts banking application testing for each of the system releases. On average, a release contains about ten changes to the functionality of the system, each of which requires detailed elaboration and specific testing.

banking system load testing for payroll card programs

Banking System Load Testing for Payroll Card Programs

Our client is one of the largest commercial banks, with European offices and state participation. The bank had a goal to minimize performance and resiliency risks in IT infrastructure and salary program systems, such as possible disruptions in payroll card services, payroll accounting delays, and system failures during registry processing.
PFLB provided performance testing of payroll systems. The testing challenge was to understand the structure of component interaction given a variety of registry types and a large status model.

performance testing for banking applications preview

Performance Testing for Banking Applications

In a world where the global economy is connected, banking plays a foundational role in connecting companies financially regardless of their location. However, due to the critical nature of finances and the risk of fraud, security, and privacy, banking applications enabling these transactions are extremely complex, perhaps more complicated than most enterprise software. Even a […]

database load testing with jmeter to identify performance issues preview

Database Load Testing with JMeter to Identify Performance Issues

Functional and nonfunctional performance tests are very critical for determining the success of software vendors. If these tests are executed properly, you can finally be sure that your application will deliver as you envisioned – with high-quality performance and completely bug-free. In functional performance testing, your business requirements with regards to functionality are accounted for. […]