How to Load Test Siebel CRM

Oracle’s Siebel CRM Technology provides the server framework to support Siebel Applications. It delivers comprehensive on-premise and on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Siebel CRM is specifically popular among banks and banking systems, since it has a lot of ready-made configurations that are convenient to use, i.e. Siebel CallCenter, Siebel Finance, Siebel Loyalty Management, etc. In this article, we share our thoughts on why you have to load test Siebel CRM and our life hacks on how to do it.

banking application testing

Banking Domain Testing: Why This Is Necessary and Challenges in App Testing in Banking Domain

Banking domain applications have a complex structure, multi-layered workflows, and a broad range of features. On top of that, as most of them deal with sensitive data, the level of data protection should also be impeccable.  This post is a checklist for anyone involved in banking domain application management. After finishing the article, you’ll have […]