Using a REST Request Emulator in a Real-life Project

A large governmental enterprise that processes a huge amount of various documents has recently approached us. We had to organize the autonomous testing process of key subsystems, which comprise the automated information system. Moreover, we couldn’t use an out-of-box solution (client’s specification), so we had to develop a custom tool that would satisfy the client’s requirements.

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Mobile Application Testing: 10 Steps Approach

Mobile application testing is crucial in order to create a reliable product. In this post, we’ll go over the entire testing process step-by-step.
Testing is a crucial part of the mobile application lifecycle. However, due to all the time and effort, it takes to complete the full cycle of app testing, it gets overlooked by developers more often than not. In order to create a reliable app that’ll be enjoyable for an audience to use, a product should be tested on every stage.
Essentially, mobile application testing process is similar to website testing. In this post, we’ll cover all the stages of application testing to and describe how to test mobile applications.