General Information

Testing process optimization means to conduct continuous changes directed at raising the level of maturity for the software testing process. We use our own methodology for the evaluation of maturity and optimization of testing processes that is based on the international TPI-Next methodology, which is considered to be the standard for testing process optimization.

Problems it will solve

  1. Minimizing the risks related to the presence of defects in software functionality operation by raising the maturity level of the software testing process;
  2. Optimizing the testing costs by standardizing the process and reusing the testing artifacts;
  3. Cutting the time frames for the implementation of a release or corrections to the system by raising the effectiveness and productivity of the test team;
  4. Cutting operational costs for software tuning by raising the software’s quality and its maturity level.


The report on the testing process audit contains:

  1. Information on the software testing maturity level in 16 major areas;
  2. A list of problems for business, their severity, and reasons caused by the poor maturity level of the testing process;
  3. Analysis of the discovered problems and the determination of the optimal maturity level of testing process for the organization;
  4. A list of recommendations and measures for raising the maturity level of the testing process.

Scope of work

  1. Set the audit goals
  2. Analysis
    • Analysis of the customer’s organizational structure;
    • Formation of the working group of the customer;
    • Interview planning with the working group.
  3. Execution
    • Conducting an interview with the customer’s representatives;
    • Participation in the internal meeting and status meetings with the customer.
  4. Report
    • Analysis of the results and determination of the software testing process maturity level;
    • Forming recommendations for the optimization of the software testing process;
    • Preparation of the report based on the work results;
    • Analysis of the results;
    • Determination of work priority, coordination of the optimization plan, and making a decision on the implementation of the software testing process optimization proposals.

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