NameDescriptionArea of implementation
SOAP/REST-based transaction processing emulator (ISO 8583)SOAP/REST-based transaction processing emulator (ISO-8583) implemented based on a jPOS-template; SOAP/RESTful by Apache CXF + Jetty (jPOSEE module).Load testing transaction processing systems at banks
SOAP Performance emulatorWeb services emulator that can exchange messages with an integration bus based on a specific scenario with specific intensity.Load and integration testing
HTTP/HTTPS emulator with “two-phase” SSLEmulator with support for HTTPS and “two-phase” SSL.Load and integration testing
HSM plugin for JMeterPlugin designed to connect Crypto API 2.0 and CryptoPro HSM through Java JNALoad and integration testing of encrypted data streams
HSM emulatorHSM Thales 8000 software emulator used as stubs for an HSM (hardware security module) for a WAY4 Netserver transaction processing server.Load testing transaction processing systems at banks
Deperson database anonymization on MS SQL ServerDatabase anonymization scripts consisting of .NET assemblies and Transact-SQL scripts.Any project that requires data anonymization
VISA|MC|MK ClearingOOP wrapper for creating clearing files. Part of a transaction emulator.Projects that require transaction emulators
Express Report 3Generates express reports. Can create Excel files with express reports during the test.Load testing projects that require creating reports based on the test results
IPython PandasData analysis tool (logs and measurements) that can manipulate data (filtering, grouping, aggregation, editing) and visualize the results (graphs and illustrations)Projects that require creating reports based on the test results
UniParserLog parser with a configurable filter (line-by-line processing of text data).Projects that require the filtering of data
SnapShooterUtility for tracking changes in configuration files with the ability to restore a previously created copy (snapshot).Projects with a frequently changing test environment
WebSphere log parserThe parser can use SQL (SELECT + DML) operators to select lines from log files from a certain time interval, replace attributes in the selected queries, and write the results to a separate file.Projects that use IBM WebSphere
PLOracleSniffer2Java application (J2SE-1.5) that listens to network traffic using the WinPcap library.Projects that require capturing, decoding, and storing network traffic between an application and an Oracle server.
Utility for writing scripts using the .NETRemoting protocolThe utility is located between the client (which is being written) application and the server. The client application is configured to work with a proxying utility instead of the original server. Working through the utility is transparent. The client application’s functionality is not negatively impacted.Projects involving the use of .NETRemoting calls
Generates Oracle
logging packets
A script that can generate an instantly compilable packet body based on specifications and determine which procedures from the packet are actually called.Projects that require developing emulators
Generates Oracle
proxying packets
Generates Oracle proxying packets. Creates packets with a specification like the original packets and bodies, which write the actual call to a log and stores the call parameters.Projects that require writing stubs for external Oracle systems.
Utility for applying a
load written in C#
Utility for applying a load that uses a MSMQ queue: they store data pools; they are also used for data exchange; output logs are also written to queues.Load via the .NETRemoting protocol, testing of WFC-services, load using Visual Studio scripts
Jar-loggerTool for analyzing the data stream within a jar fileAuditing and load testing projects
Plugin Citrix XenApp to JMeterPlugin for interacting with a Citrix server via JMeterProjects where using LoadRunner for recording and playing back scripts is unacceptable
PluginFiddler to
Fiddler plugin Acceleration of HTTP-traffic parametrization in JMeterLoad and integration testing
metricsShell script that runs on Linux/HP-UX/AIX. Collects measurements from various OSes and converts them into a common format that is convenient for viewing and exporting. Also collects concise identifying data for a workstation.Load and integration testing
mq-receiverA library that facilitates transferring data between scripts in Load Runner scenarios. Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) was used to transfer data.Load and integration testing
LRora2jmxConverts LoadRunner Oracle 2nd-tier scripts to JMeter scenarios. Accelerates and simplifies writing Oracle 2nd-tier scripts in JMeter.Load and integration testing
PL-SAP ST03/STAD analyzer.Utility for analyzing SAP performance during load testing. Makes it possible to correlate load data with system performance indicators on a common timescale.SAP ERP load and integration testing

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