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Early Testing

May 28, 2024

Some types of testing are conducted as early as possible in the development lifecycle before the coding is ready. This approach aims to detect defects and issues at an early stage and thus reduce costs.

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Load Testing

Jun 19, 2024

Load testing imposes artificial (simulated) demands on Software to test its behavior under set conditions. Special scripts are written to emulate the load and automate load testing. Load testing assesses a system’s capacity to manage escalating levels of expected realistic loads, stemming from transaction requests generated by controlled numbers of simultaneous users or processes.

Load Runner

Jun 19, 2024

Load Runner (former Mercury LoadRUnner, HP LoadRunner. And Microfocus LoadRunner) is a performance testing tool by OpenText that allows testers to conduct load, stress, and performance testing of software applications. Its analogues include tools like JMeter, Gatling, and Apache Bench.

Load Profile Deviation

Jun 19, 2024

The deviation of actual load consumption from the expected or predicted load profile.

Load Profile

Jun 19, 2024

A Load Profile represents the behavior and characteristics of users or systems over time in load testing. It includes parameters like the number of concurrent users, transaction rates, response times, and resource utilization patterns. Load profiles are used to simulate workload models that let one check expected user load, traffic patterns, and usage scenarios representation.

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