PFLB and Micro Focus Join Forces to Offer Comprehensive Performance Testing Services

PFLB has become Micro Focus Authorized Partner

We are proud to announce that PFLB has become a Micro Focus Service Provider, which will allow us to offer enhanced performance testing services to clients across the globe. This partnership will combine the strengths of both companies to provide comprehensive performance testing solutions to meet the needs of today’s dynamic and complex IT systems.

PFLB is an innovative performance testing company that offers top-notch solutions to its clients. It has a reputation for excellence in providing reliable and robust testing services with more than 50 in-house performance engineers who have implemented over 200+ successful projects.
Micro Focus (now part of OpenText) is a trusted name in the industry, offering a wide range of load testing software, such as LoadRunner, helping numerous organizations optimize their systems and applications.

What to Expect From the PFLB and Micro Focus Partnership

PFLB already has extensive experience working with the LoadRunner family, as every engineer on our team takes a special training program on these products. With an official Service Provider status, we will be able to expand the offer of Micro Focus performance engineering solutions, including such powerful testing tools as LoadRunner Cloud and LoadRunner Enterprise. All this allows us to deliver comprehensive performance testing services that cover all aspects of modern IT systems.

Together with our high-level expertise in performance testing and full access to Micro Focus tools, PFLB clients can address every aspect of their IT systems, including websites, mobile applications, API, enterprise infrastructure, and cloud-based systems. Combined high-end services and innovative solutions of PFLB and Micro Focus will help companies across the world to optimize their systems and applications by identifying and resolving performance issues before they impact the end-users.

Future Opportunities for Innovation

The new partner status of PFLB as a Micro Focus Service Provider will also create opportunities to expand our offers and continue to innovate in the performance testing area. The LoadRunner family supports 50+ network protocols and scripting technologies, which allows PFLB to enhance capabilities in testing proprietary software, SAP, IVR, and banking systems.

“We are excited to partner with Micro Focus and leverage their expertise in the performance testing industry,” says Yurii Kovalov, CEO and founder of PFLB. “Together, we will be able to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services and help them optimize their systems and applications.”

The partnership between PFLB and Micro Focus is expected to create significant opportunities for both companies to expand their business and reach new markets. It means that more clients will benefit from performance testing services and software, which will help them improve the reliability, stability, and scalability of their systems and applications.

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About PFLB and Micro Focus

PFLB is an experienced performance testing company that offers innovative and reliable testing solutions to businesses across the world. The company is dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible services that help optimize their systems and applications.

Micro Focus is a well-known name in the Information technology industry. Founded in 1976, the company provides a wide range of products and services for application delivery, data analytics, security, etc. helping organizations worldwide digitize business and optimize their IT infrastructure.

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