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July 08, 2021

PFLB has increased performance of Birkenstock site by more than two times ahead of the sales

Birkenstock was preparing for a big sale. They expected the load on the site to increase by five times and wanted to check if it would endure the peak season. The company contacted PFLB in search of the solution.

Our specialists decided to use PFLB Platform to create a load testing scenario based on the client’s Google Analytics data. The first testing iteration showed that the site was not prepared for the increased load. Web-server caching had not been configured, whilst NGINX and database configurations were far from optimal. Therefore, the web-site could only suffice for a threefold traffic increase, but not for a fivefold increase, as expected by the customer.

PFLB Platformiteration of testing

Based on the results of the first performance tests, our engineers shared detailed recommendations on site optimization. After the optimization had been finished, we performed the second iteration of testing, which showed that the optimized site can live up to a sevenfold increase of traffic, and our client received a comparative report on the results of the experiment. It included a section on minimization of critical errors, such as decreasing the response time to less than 12 seconds and increasing the number of concurrent visitors from 300 to 700. Before the tests, the client was hoping for only 500.

PFLB Platformtest results

Performance testing using PFLB Platform has helped our customer to find problems in the architecture of their website. We gave recommendations that increased the site efficiency by more than two times. As a result, it became ready for marketing campaigns during the sales season. The customer received a fully configured testing scenario at the end of the project, so that they could perform load testing on their own in the future.

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