testing major meat producers sap makes system 8 times faster

Testing Major Meat Producer’s SAP Makes System 8 Times Faster

Our client, a major nation-wide meat producer, was actively using local WMS and TMS. As a result, their 5,000 employees used to waste much time and effort storing and processing a lot of data in different systems.

To increase the effectiveness of the document flow, the client decided to move all the processes to one SAP ERP system. Massive migration was about to happen, since enormous amounts of data from different legacy systems had to be centralized.

The client had extremely high requirements for a performance tuning project contractor. They wanted to entrust the task only to a highly experienced team.

The choice fell on PFLB, as the company has a proven track record of delivering SAP load testing projects for many corporate clients around the world.

SAP Load and Performance Testing using Loadrunner preview

SAP Load and Performance Testing Using Loadrunner

SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an enterprise resource management software that covers the work of an entire company. SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best: SAP customers generate 87% of total global commerce. If this is the case in your company, you might have started asking yourself how to test your SAP’s performance and which tools to choose. In this article, we will share the basics of how we test SAP ERP with Loadrunner.

sap load testing for x5 retail case study preview

SAP Load Testing for X5 Retail: Case Study

There are few companies in the IT systems quality assurance market that have expertise in SAP testing, but PFLB is one of the few that do. Over the years, our specialists accumulated experience in retail that came in handy when helping X5 Retail, a major food retail company worth $16 billion, to support their internal IT systems. We started with SAP platform deployment, established testing processes in the retail giant’s systems, and maintained contact for more than 10 years.

an introduction to sap testing preview

An Introduction to SAP Testing

In today’s market, ERP plays an immense role in the success of medium and large aenterprises. All businesses rely on ERP software to carry out their daily operations and enhance business workflows.

Implementing these systems is not easy, especially if you are using SAP, one of the most advanced ERP solutions in the market. One must configure the different SAP modules to deliver the relevant features. So an implementation of any SAP module requires some kind of testing. In this article, we will discuss what SAP testing is and explain its importance

load testing sap systems for retail company preview

Load Testing SAP Systems for Retail Company

Our customer is one of the largest retail chains selling electronics and household appliances.
The company implemented a full-fledged omnichannel approach to sales, which means a unified product assortment, prices, and services, whether buying in stores or online. The stores share format and conceptual design. In addition to an effective retail format and a store concept that is customer-oriented, the company also offers high-quality customer service.
PFLB was hired to test an integrated set of SAP systems, particularly with respect to system performance.

load testing for sap applications preview

Load Testing for SAP Applications

As any enterprise expands, to ensure the platform’s reliability our customer hired PFLB to conduct load testing.

PFLB’s work helped the client make an informed decision about deploying the system into a production environment. Performance optimization based on an analysis of the test results reduced the time required to complete the main logistics business scenario by more than 2 times and increased the speed of individual transactions by up to 8 times.