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X Reasons to Start Website Testing

One of the best ways to eliminate these errors is to establish a comprehensive system for identifying them before they hurt your website. Testing the features of your website, before its launch, can increase the confidence of your users in your brand. In this article, we discuss the primary reasons why testing is an essential step that influences the success of your website.

UAT definition

What is User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for Websites? Definition & Examples

A user acceptance test is the final stop in the software testing process and one of the most important stages. It helps ensure that the system is intuitive enough for a user to navigate it effortlessly, it meets the audience’s expectations, and caters to its needs.
Find out how to approach user acceptance testing, how it fits in the overall testing process, what types of activities QA specialists perform as a part of UAT, and what steps are needed to complete acceptance testing are.