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PFLB and HeadSpin Are Taking Mobile Application Testing to a New Level

Jul 20, 2021
2 min read
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PFLB has announced collaboration with HeadSpin, USA, to implement projects in the field of automation, functional and load testing of mobile applications.

Developers face multiple challenges creating effective mobile and web applications. They need to keep being focused on the needs of the client and provide high-quality services in the constantly changing digital environment. Telecom operators, various combinations of devices and operating systems, geolocation, content delivery networks, and internet access methods are developing every day. To deliver perfect services, a holistic tool for testing, monitoring and analyzing applications, devices and networks would be a must.

PFLB will deliver a unique solution to the market. It can and should be used for remote testing of mobile applications on real devices built to meet the needs of customers. A special software and hardware complex from HeadSpin can be installed anywhere in the world and integrated with automation services for functional and load testing of mobile applications. HeadSpin uses analytical data processing mechanisms based on artificial intelligence.

The solution will make mobile app developers confident of the speed and quality of their products, regardless of devices and data networks used. Thus, the gap between testing, monitoring and analysis of informational and technological interaction with users will be eliminated.

PFLB has already started pilot launches of a new service for automating functional and load testing of mobile applications.

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About PFLB:

PFLB is a leading provider of independent software testing and quality assurance for enterprise clients. The company has successfully carried out more than 250 major projects and is certified according to ISO 20000.

PFLB employs more than 400 specialists, and its clients include some of the biggest international banks, retail companies, telecommunications providers, and many other organizations. 

About HeadSpin:

HeadSpin is an IT company that has developed the world’s first Connection Intelligence Platform, which offers solutions based on network, mobile technologies, the Internet of Things and 5G to unify testing, monitoring and analytics covering various applications, devices and networks.


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