Anastasia Ostapenko

Anastasia Ostapenko
Expertise: Marketing, Articles, IT, SaaS, Performance/ Load Testing, Research

Anastasia Ostapenko

Industry researcher at PFLB


Writer and industry researcher with 7+ years of experience. Compiles technical documents and analyzes the market. Сonducts interviews and writes expert articles, blog posts, and press releases.


Anastasia Ostapenko is an industry researcher at PFLB. With a BA in Linguistics and Cognition, she has been analyzing markets and writing professionally for over seven years. Her cases include international IT, business, blockchain, and e-commerce companies, from Pure to Prometheus Labs.

Anastasia always dives into detail, studies the market, and finds sound voices for each project. She is deeply involved in performance testing processes, knows how to represent SaaS concepts to the B2B audience, and shapes relevant guides.

Regarding her interests, Anastasia is writing indie-rock music, learning Japanese, and making her plants grow healthy.

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